Monday, January 6, 2014


Enable students to
·      develop the necessary process skills for the acquisition and application of mathematical concepts and skills;
·      develop the mathematical thinking and problem solving skills and apply these skills to formulate and solve problems;
·      recognise and use connections among mathematical ideas, and between mathematics and other disciplines;

Scenario 1
The Samsung Galaxy S4 was released in April 2013. All three telcos released their price plans for the Singapore market. 
  1. Based on your own personal usage and affordability which plan would you subscribe to and why?
  2. Your analysis should include what should be the (i) constants and (ii) variables.
  3. POST your responses as comments.


  1. Starhub: Smart Surf Value

    It is the cheapest out of all the other teleco similar plan per month and offer 1GB more data too. Although, we pay more for the phone, the total cost is still cheaper after 2 years.

  2. 1.Based on your own personal usage and affordability which plan would you subscribe to and why?

    StarHub SmartSurf Value. The best value is actually MaxSurf+; however, the 12GB would not be put to good use within a month and would be wasted. The next more affordable plan would be the SmartSurf Value ($435.25/GB compared to $755+/GB for the 2GB plan)

    2.Your analysis should include what should be the (i) constants and (ii) variables.

    i) GB use to compare the price
    ii) Total price

    Aziel, Charlene, Dawn, Esther

  3. 1) Summary: States leftover charges from last month, total current charges that have to be paid.

    2) Due Date: States the latest date when the bill has to be paid.

    3) Meter Reading: States when the meters are read or the reading is estimated.The meters are attached to each housing unit to track electricity usage. Some months, the meter is not read, and consumption is estimated on the reading from the previous month.

    4) Consumption units: Measured in kWh (kilowatts per hour). Represents the water, electricity and gas that have been used in the past month.

    5) Tariff rates: The amount of money that has to be paid per kWh of resources used.

    6) Sanitary Appliance Fee and Waterborne Fee: Fees that cover the cost of treating used water and maintaining the used water network. Sanitary Appliance Fee is charged based on the number of Appliances that use water while Waterborne Fee is charged based on amount of water used.

    7) Refuse removal: Charges for removing refuse from the housing estate.

    8) Water conservation tax: A tax charged for consumption of water, meant to discourage excess water usage.

    9) Bar graphs for past consumption: Graphs that monitor usage patterns over past months for the resources.

  4. Star hub smartsurf lite.
    Cheaper . Starhub has a better connectivity.

  5. Assuming that there is no other variables, comparing all 3 telco companies, the plan i would subscribe to for each of the catergories the cheapest being 1 and the most expensive being 4
    1- starhub

    first and second plan are no brainers, the reason is obvious cause it gives the cheapest price in total and the same if not more than its competitors

    third plan - although starhub provides one more gb of data bundle in return for extra $31, it is very very hard to exceed even 1gb of data bundle, thus we choose m1

    fourth plan - m1 is cheaper overall

    However, I do not know about other services but m1 has other services as well such as giving a m1 voucher when you recontract and reducing the overall price of each contract when you sign more than 1 contract under them, thus if outside variables that were not included in this assignment, I would choose m1.